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Here are some testimonials left in the App Store:

  • Sam is a phenominal teacher! The way in which he explains his concepts in these videos is undeniably relatable to any drummer. Rookie, veteran - it doesn't matter. There is plenty here for everyone.
  • At last someone who can really TEACH instead of just showing off! SO glad I found this guy!
  • How refreshing to hear and see drum technique tutorials presented in such a clear, logical, and easy to follow way.
  • This guy makes it SO clear and simple even I could understand what was going on. The way the backing tracks work with the PDF material is sheer teaching genius.
  • It's a great intro/overview/refresher regardless of skill level, presented in a clear and professional manner; i didn't find myself getting bored as with some other instructional videos.
  • Well produced, loads of great material and Excellent teaching and playing. It is just genuine solid stuff and ridiculous value for money.
  • His unique approach and advice on fun ways to learn (specifically regarding practise!) also make it great to those with more experience.
  • I've learnt more with these tutorials than any other tuition. Cheers!
  • I sincerely don't think you will ever get a better value resource of top-tier drum knowledge than DS1 and 2. Great presentation, super useful stuff and thoughtful accompanying materials.
  • This is the best value drum lesson on the planet (and I've been a nerd drummer for over a decade).
  • Focused videos, professional but relaxed delivery, 10 well structured lessons and magnificent PDF and MP3 support. You would need to spend hundreds of pounds with a drum teacher to get this much advice and guidance! An absolute gem - well done Sam, and many thanks for making DS2 so good!
  • Absolutely golden in content. Would be value for money at ten times the price.
  • Once again after watching your lessons I'm again asking myself "why did I find that difficult before"- really helpful in learning to read and understand notation.